The new Energy Label – Purpose and benefits?

The EU-Energy-Label for products has supported consumers and professional buyers in the search and selection of energy efficient products for more than 25 years. Furthermore the label has driven the development of innovative efficient products. Due to the supply and demand of energy saving products energy consumption and energy costs of appliances have dramatically been reduced.

The currently used A+++/G labelling scheme has become less effective. The mixed label scale involving many „+“ is not very transparent anymore and the majority of products are already in the 2-3 top classes today. Thus it makes it difficult for consumers to distinguish the most efficient products.

The European Union therefore has revised and optimised the label according to user needs. The new label which will be introduced in physical stores and online shops as of March 1st 2021 will only include the label classes A to G. Levels for classes will be updated on a regular basis.

What are the essential new features of the new labelling scheme?

  • There will be one common scale for all products including only class A to G. There will be no extension to A+ classes anymore.
  • The label will be linked to a new EU product database via a QR-Code. The database provides additional product information for all labelled products for buyers, retailers as well as for market surveillance.

Which labels will be new in 2021?

The introduction of the new labels will be arranged stepwise depending on the specific EU regulations. In 2021 new labels will be implemented in physical stores and online shops for the following 5 product groups:

  • Household refrigerators and freezers
  • Washing machines and washer-dryers
  • Dishwashers
  • TVs and Displays
  • Light Sources

For the product group refrigerating appliances with direct sales function (also known as commercial refrigerators and freezers) a completely new label will be implemented which however will only be relevant for the professional retail sector. This label will not be visible for domestic consumers.

For other labelled product groups like air conditioners, tumble dryers, vacuum cleaners, water heaters etc. the new labels will be implemented as soon as the relevant EU regulations will be in force.

The introduction for these product groups is expected from 2022 onwards.

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